Mandolin Lessons

Classical | Jazz | Bluegrass

Mandolin Group Lessons are a great way to learn and socialize | 8 Classes | 150$


Mandolin's distinctive bright sound can be heard in songs as a solo instrument and also playing chords in classical, popular, folk, & jazz music. The instrument has double strings, tuned in fifth and is played with a plectrum. Its teaching has been around for centuries. Get ready to discover an entertaining musical world!

3 Goals for the music

  • Learn the instrumental technique.
  • Play the style dedicated to the instrument.
  • Enjoy playing music with others.



Learn the classical mandolin with specific goals

Master the art of the classical mandolin studying its wide repertoire of genres. By perfecting your sound and your instrumental technique, you will manage to perform brilliant tremolo and stunning arpeggios.

Play jazz mandolin and master the improvisation

Learn the essential tools for jazz improvisation and mandolin chord accompaniment. Through a selection of songs and adapted exercises, the ear develops and leaves room for musical intuition. 

Enjoy bluegrass mandolin & have fun playing

Bring your playing to the next level by applying good instrumental technique. Among the selected pieces, you will overcome several challenges such as alternate picking, chord playing and soloing.



Contact us to learn more about the possibilities for private kids lessons & small children group music lessons.


To make accessible learning the instrument, rent a mandolin for the low cost of $5 per class.


Founder of Mando Montreal, Jonathan Bélanger is an active multi-instrumentalist musician, mandolin & guitar teacher, arranger, composer and conductor since 1998. He studied guitar at the Cégep de St-Laurent and film music composition at Université du Québec à Montréal. He perfected his mandolin classical and jazz playing studying studying with renowned musicians worldwide.