Guitar Lessons

Classical | Acoustic

Guitar Group Lessons are a great way to learn and socialize | 8 Classes | 150$ 


Guitar's distinctive mellow sound can be heard in songs as a solo instrument or playing chords in classical, popular, folk or jazz music styles. The popularity of the guitar makes it an instrument of choice to learn music. You can play the guitar with a plectrum or with your nails. Its teaching has been around for centuries. Get ready to expand your musical creativity!


  • Learn the instrumental technique.
  • Play the style dedicated to the instrument.
  • Enjoy playing music with others.



Summer Semester - 2 Group Lessons - 80$

Tuesday 19h45 - June 6, 12, 19 & 27


Learn classical guitar and make it a passion

By perfecting your sound and your instrumental technique you will exceed in the art the classical guitar music playing. Gradually through pieces you learn to read music and play beautiful melodies & arpeggios.


Play acoustic guitar and enjoy the pleasure

Leaning popular songs, folk, jazz and other music styles on the guitar is always a rewarding activity. Through a variety of structured exercises, learn how to develop sight reading skills, memorize chords and play rhythm guitar.

Founder of Mando Montreal, Jonathan Bélanger is an active multi-instrumentalist musician, mandolin & guitar teacher, arranger, composer and conductor since 1998. He studied guitar at the Cégep de St-Laurent and film music composition at Université du Québec à Montréal. He perfected his classical and jazz playing in masterclasses studying with renowned musicians worldwide.