Mandolin Tuning & Bridge Setup

Mandolin Tuning & Bridge Setup

Set up the bridge position & intonation to get your mandolin in tune


Have you ever experienced string buzzing? Really hard string tension or even completely out of tune playing? Wondering why is your mandolin going out of tune up the neck even if all open strings are in tune?

In this video tutorial, I will demonstrate how to setup new strings, tune your mandolin bridge and get the best sound out of your instrument and tuning technique.


6 easy steps to follow

  1. Evaluate the string buzz / high tension and intonation problems
  2. Remove the strings / Fix the bridge if needed (optional)
  3. Replace with new strings (using only 1 or the 2 pairs)
  4. Tune the instrument and adjust the bridge height
  5. Tune the instrument and set intonation using a tuner
  6. Put the rest of the strings & enjoy your playing

Keep your mandolin in tune

This task should be performed regularly. Since the mandolin bridge is not fixed, it has a tendency to move from its place over time due to strings vibration. Some people might prefer not to perform it themselves being scared of damaging the instrument. You can always bring your instrument at a local guitar or mandolin luthier shop and ask for a complete bridge & intonation setup. Make sure that you buy the correct strings in advance because this operation must be done with new strings.


You can buy all types of mandolin strings online


It's really easier than it looks! And it worth it


Jonathan Belanger for Mando Montreal