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Mando Montreal provides both structured and enjoyable learning and networking environment for plucked strings instrument aficionados. It presents an entertaining program of activities like: private lessons, adult group lessons, online lessons, student concerts, mandolin & guitar orchestra workshops, masterclass, podcast interviews and useful blog articles.


Jonathan Bélanger

Director & Founder of Mando Montreal

Multi-instrumentalist musician, teacher, arranger, composer and conductor, Jonathan is an active musician in Montreal Canada since 1998. He studied guitar at the Cégep de St-Laurent and completed a film music composition degree at Université du Québec à Montréal. His musical talents have brought him to work in popular, jazz, contemporary music, dance, literature and film music composition fieldsHe has also perfected his classical and jazz mandolin playing studying with renowned musicians worldwide.

Jonathan’s passion for music and teaching is readily apparent simply by listening to the quality if his music.
— Barry C.

Music School

Located downtown, Mando Montreal offers together with it's teachers a weekly program of private and group music lessons.

  • Classical, Jazz & Folk Mandolin
  • Classical & Acoustic Guitar
  • Classical Pop & Jazz Ukulele