Ukulele lessons

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Played as a solo instrument or accompanying songs with chords, the Ukulele is easily recognizable for its harmonious sound and easy technique. Get ready to discover a fascinating musical world!


Private & group lessons

3 Goals for the music

  • Learn the instrumental technique
  • Play the style dedicated to the instrument
  • Enjoy playing music with others

Play the ukulele and learn music having fun

You will master the art of ukulele by understanding some basic musical notions and developing your sound. By perfecting your instrumental technique, you will manage to play your favorite songs and melodies.

Jonathan is a passionate person and very patient. Its courses are aimed at both beginners and advanced players. I took my first course Ukulele with him and he has given me want to go and make me progress quickly. In addition, it organizes concerts with his students, intensive courses and other optional activities that go beyond the traditional courses. Highly recommended!
— Sebastian B.
I would recommend it to anyone! I am registered at Mando Montreal since its very beginning. I am delighted of the quality and the atmosphere of the the group classes.
— Diane D.