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The Guitar

Diane Dewar is a real music passionate and was looking for group guitar lessons in Montreal a few years ago. She's a special person to me because she has been following my musical teacher career for the last 8 years.

Jonathan Belanger & Diane Dewar at the Student Concert, June 2016

Jonathan Belanger & Diane Dewar at the Student Concert, June 2016

In the beginning, Diane came to take a few private lessons I was giving in my apartment in Outremont. I had recently moved to Montreal and was beginning my guitar teacher career.

I had just finished my Cegep when I got my first guitar and my first lesson. It was in 1979. I was realizing my dream: play the guitar, sing and maybe even write my own songs... Private lessons, group lessons, popular guitar, classical guitar and latin rhythms... I have evolved in different musical universes. The instrument takes different roles in my life. I lean against it when i’m sad, I keep it near my fingertips for the moments of joy, I play it to switch off from my work or even to fill some existential voids. At the end, it’s a social thing too...

Group Lessons

Our friendship was growing naturally and it was for the pleasure of playing the guitar. The first years of acoustic group guitar lessons i created were given at Accès-Cible Jeunesse Rosemont. In 7 years working there, I probably have taught to at least a hundred guitarists. Diane did everything that was possible in her classes. She was always present and motivated, she invited her friends to register to the classes and she also attended some of my professional concerts. What I feel I owe her the most is that she pushed me to get organized, to renew and remain an interesting guitar teacher. In 2014, came a time in my life where I wanted to do the thing in my own way. I wanted to create my own guitar and mandolin music school in Montreal.

Guitar Lessons in groups of 4 persons

Guitar Lessons in groups of 4 persons

My pleasure and satisfaction really increased when I found Jonathan eight years ago. Then he created Mando Montreal.

The Ensemble Music

More than that, she followed me in what I wanted to do. Most of the time, I try to please my customers and offer them what they want. But making this transition in my life with Mando Montreal, I was going to inevitably put aside this "popular music guitar teaching" style that I had developed. Inspired by what I had experienced in France and in Greece, I created my own specialized acoustic music guitar and mandolin school. She followed me and took up the classical guitar challenge. They took up the challenge, because she was not alone. That’s the trick with a good guitar group lesson. They become a team, it creates friendship and it motivates them to continue.

Guitar & Mandolin  Orchestra Workshop  | August 2015

Guitar & Mandolin Orchestra Workshop | August 2015

I am now part of a guitar quartet; We play beautiful arrangements and we perform in concert. Sometimes other mandolin students join us; The music is beautiful. There are moments where I feel like an “accomplished musician.” It’s very rewarding.

The Studio Sessions

Diane keeps me busy. In addition to her weekly guitar classes, she comes to my studio twice per month to compose an record music. As the result of this musical complicity and a good friendship, she brings her texts and her musical ideas that I help her put in music. We dim the lights and let ourselves go with our creativity! We sing, we play and we record everything. Once again Diane pushes me to get organized and stay interesting as a musician. Thank you Diane!

The reality of life catches up with me quickly and I become a “student who still has a long way to go” Maybe because I don’t practice as much as i would like... Starting a progressive retreat next fall will give me the time that I need. I promise myself daily appointments devoting myself to my passion: play the guitar, sing and write my own songs. Thanks Jonathan! Thank you Mando Montreal!